Client's Common Questions

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1) Who are your clients?

Ontario residents who are:

  1. Thinking to rent their investment property 
  2. Looking to hire a property manager to manage their rental property
  3. Interested to know their legal rights and general legal advice
  4. Facing a legal dispute

2)  What are your areas of practice?

  • The Landlord and Tenant Law

3) How does a paralegal differ from a lawyer?

  • Paralegals and lawyers are both licensed by the Law Society of Ontario. Paralegals are required to take specialized education from accredited colleges. Paralegals also write a licensing exam after completing their program.

4) Why should I hire a paralegal instead of representing myself?

  • This is a very good question. Paralegals are experienced in the field in which they practice. This experience will enable them to present your case in the most effective way for success.

5) If I start the process myself, can I still retain a paralegal?

  • Of course, We are here to help you however if you are going to retain us on a matter you have already commenced, that you do so with enough time for us to adequately prepare and ensure all of the required time lines are met.

6) Will you take my case on a contingency matter; so you get paid when I win?

  • We offer competitive package rates so we do not take cases on a contingency basis. We will give you the best possible paralegal service to represent your interests.

7) How much will your services cost me?

  • Both property management and legal services depends how complex your expectations and needs are

    8) I still have questions, who can I contact?