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★Access to an experienced paralegal in Landlord & Tenant Law for all you legal questions, issues,and needs from your phone, computer, or tablet at affordable price from the convenience of your home, office, or virtually anywhere you are.

★We'll tell you exactly what to do next to get the best possible outcome. The quicker you confront the matter, the better chances of getting out of it. So book your Complimentary consultation now

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Paralegal vs Free Legal Aid

Time and Money

Time is Gold because every second time is passing and you can't go back to change it, so you must treasure every second of life. Paralegal has the required skill set and are able to provide instant assistance to their clients. In person or over the phone consultations are often provided. This enables clients to quickly gain valuable information about options and solutions.

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Paralegal will work closely with you to understand your personal, family and financial situations. They will learn about your goals both in the near term and long term and will then develop a legal strategy designed to resolve your legal problem in the most positive manner possible.

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Having someone with experience will help to eliminate much of the confusion and stress involved with your legal dispute  while saving you money and ensuring you get quality, impartial knowledge to defend your legal rights.

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★ Fully trained and licensed paralegal in Ontario with remarkable depth of knowledge in Canadian and Ontario legal system.

★★ Customized and detailed plan for your rental/investment property according to your unique needs and budget.

★★★ The company’s single purpose is to forge a relationship exceeding your expectations.

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1) Shir Legal Services mission is to provide its clients with the finest property management & legal services available in the marketplace

2) Simplicity is our core value. We are straightforward and transparent in our relations. We are always there to assist You.

3) The founder believes in going the extra mile to help the company’s clients.

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